Started broadcasting – July 2006
Broadcasts: daily, round-the-clock.
Transmission: satellite, cable (Russia, CIS, Baltic states).
Satellite: Eutelsat W4, Bonum-1.

The Russian Night TV channel is one of 12 channels run by Red Media Television Holding, the largest Russian holding company producing and distributing theme-based channels for cable and satellite broadcasting.

Russian Night TV is the first Russian round-the-clock erotic channel.

Every day, round the clock, the channel airs global masterpiece erotic movies, first-rate domestic and foreign movies and series, TV shows and music videos with Russian and world beauties.

Thanks to the thoroughly selected content oriented exclusively towards the best traditions of erotic art, the channel has achieved a leading position in its theme-based segment, annually expanding its subscribing audience.

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Own-produced programs

Erotic Contest “Miss Russian Night”


Series “Sex. Cinema. Spies”

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